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tiles for janet

updated wed 24 apr 02


Joyce Lee on tue 23 apr 02

Dear Janet,

I'm making tiles again.... and your latest post convinced me that even =
if my tiles are not going to be up to the standards of the "bigwigs," I =
should leave the decision to you as to whether to use them or not.
New deadline for me: within a month, tiles for Janet!!! Surely .... =
surely .... in a month, with my Never Used tile extruder attachment from =
Bailey, I can get the job done to my satisfaction...... if not, they're =
going across the sea, anyway ...... then if you choose not to use them, =
no problem. I don't want to ADD to your concerns ..... just to be part =
of such a wonderful effort .... representative of the best that is =
Clayart ...... not the tiles themselves, necessarily, though I've been =
told they are impressive, but the concerted sentiment behind them .....=20

Could you post once more, please, as to where to find the directions? =
I'm sure many others would like to know, too.

If claybuds have suggestions for using the tile attachment, please post. =
I am mechanically inept, but getting epter with each passing day. =20

Joyce in the Mojave ..... no wind.... going out Right Now to get the =
Geil started ... and then to tackle that threatening looking piece of =
equipment .... if a single squirrel, rabbit or lizard attempts to hold =
me back...... they are in Big Trouble.....

Janet Kaiser on wed 24 apr 02

Dear Joyce,

I'm really touched! I know how you (and several other Clayarters) have
struggled with the "my work would not meet the specifications", "I'm
not good enough", "I can't do lettering" and other dark thoughts. The
heart has been willing, but the products of the rolling pin or
extruder, the wood-fired kiln... Well, let's just say, I know how it
is! And following my occasional rant about "quality" and "can't the
silly swine read?" posts, I should be ashamed of myself, because I
have been the main reason for many a Clayarter taking absolute
umbrage! Yes, I know! "Stick Janet and The **** Path", has been
uttered by many lips... Justifiably so.

But to answer your question: please go to our web page and click on the language of your choice.
The English version will take you to an "introductory" page at the
bottom of which (beneath a frantically running Bert) there is a middle
section of links to >>The International Potters' Path<<. There you can
click on "Specifications for Path Makers". (I have pasted the main
part of that page below my sig here). Other pages, such as "See some
tiles" and "The Path Makers" show examples of tiles which are already
here, as well as the names of the makers and are all well worth a
visit. As you will see, many names are very familiar around here! :-)
Don't miss the "recent arrival" either... Lovely tile from Uruguay!

For Clay Buddies who have not yet visited The International Potters'
Path or The Chapel of Art, click on "Site"... As you will see, the
situation really is quite splendid! And being in a "conservation area"
The Path really should outlive us all, our children and our children's
children, but I cannot "legally" claim that, because who knows what
the future will bring? We did not (for example) take earthquakes into
consideration when digging the two-foot-six deep foundations! (poor
Eckhard: you would not believe the mud he had to shift for Phase II...
Did it in the wettest autumn since records began!)

I am sorry that all the Raku and pit fire aficionados will not be able
to take part. We have a great many tiles which can only be put around
the edges, because they are too slippery or have lumps and bumps which
would trip folk, but tiles which are "programmed" to disintegrate in
salt water will definitely not be used. No, the ocean does not lap in
over The Path at high tide, but we get one hundredweight of salt per
acre per year fallout... Mixed with rain, the resulting, highly saline
solution soaks into porous clay and dissolves the body in a very short
time. It has already denuded two tiles of glaze completely and one
terracotta tile which had a hair-line, firing crack first lost glaze
and then started to disintegrate from the crack outwards. No wonder
the yellow brick-built Victorian houses facing the sea had to be
rendered shortly after they were built just along the road. And
Criccieth is know for its "car killing" properties. You have never
seen a really rusty car until you visit us! Our local mechanic reckons
it halves the life of any vehicle. Wrought iron is also rarely seen
here... Newcomers put it up against all advice, only to see serious
rust form within a few weeks.

Anyway, that is enough for now. Any questions, you know where I am...
Hit reply and the mail comes directly to me and not to Clayart...

Tile heil Joyce! You too Martha! And any other Clayarter who feels the
urge to take part... It is the POTTERS' Path, not ours... Eckhard and
I are just the tools YOU are the MAKERS!!!

Janet Kaiser - seriously trying to improve house-keeping standards by
day, in preparation for a house guest. Miss Sayuri Kawamura will be
delivering the first tiles for The Path from Japan and has been rash
enough to accept a bed for the night. Although it was the least we
could offer someone travelling all the way here and back to London by
train, the excitement of the occasion is slightly dulled by the
thought she may think all homes in Wales are like this... I am
seriously considering borrowing some children and half a dozen dogs
from the pound as camouflage!
The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd
Home of The International Potters' Path
8 Marine Crescent : Criccieth : GB-Wales

Please read carefully!

Please note: Tiles which do not meet the size and safety criteria may
not be used.
If you have any questions, please e-mail for advice.

Important! Your tile must be:
+ square
+ impervious
+ sturdy and tough
+ 10 cm x 10 cm x 1 cm (4 x 4 inches x half inch) give or take 1 or 2
+ with non-slip surface so it is safe to walk on in very wet weather.
+ No profile which would hold water or trip people
+ Please show town and/or country of origin!

Your Tile. should represent what is unique about you, your work and
your country, its people, environment, culture and heritage -- not
ours please! What is special about your part of the World? Or is there
a landmark you could include?
Whatever you design, please incorporate your town and/or country of
origin. It is important that the name, map, flag or symbol of the
country is included. Remember 10,000+ people will tread The Path each
year, looking for tiles from every continent and country in the
World - including yours!

Please make, fire and send your tile now!!
+ pack really well
+ do not forget your name and e-mail address
+ declare as a gift/cadeau if posted outside the European Union
+ include interesting information for exhibition with your tile/s
+ send to The International Potters' Path at this address:

The Chapel of Art
8 Marine Crescent
Criccieth LL52 0EA

Need help? E-mail The International Potters' Path