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woodley's joinery works, devon, england

updated thu 18 apr 02


Ron Philbeck on tue 16 apr 02

Does anyone know if Woodley's Joinery Works in Devon, England is still =
making the Leach treadle wheel?
Any information would be appreciated.
Ron Philbeck
Shelby, NC USA

Dupre Mr Marcy M on tue 16 apr 02


I do not know if Woodley's is making the Leach treadle, but there are
several places in the US that make a treadle wheel.

Ask them about their wheel. You may also try a web-search on treadle
potter's wheels, or even search the ClayArt archives (now, THERE'S a novel

Send a message to LISTSRV@LSV.CERAMICS.ORG, no subject. In the body of the
message put:


You'll get back a message from the server telling you how to retrieve
ClayArt archived messages with any information concerning treadle wheels.
WARNING! There may be a lot of them!



Steve Mills on wed 17 apr 02

Alas no. They stopped production some time back, I understand it was
when Mr Woodley Snr retired or passed away, it was a particular interest
of his.
The only people making Leach type wheels now are in the USA.


In message , Ron Philbeck writes
>Does anyone know if Woodley's Joinery Works in Devon, England is still =3D
>making the Leach treadle wheel?
>Any information would be appreciated.
>Ron Philbeck
>Shelby, NC USA

Steve Mills