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earth, water, fire woodfirng workshop

updated sat 11 may 02


John Baymore on fri 10 may 02

Hi all.

I haven't yet posted my annual "notice" here on CLAYART about my summer
noborigama firing workshop..... and I already find myself in the position=

of having to say that there is only one space left as of 11:00 PM on
5/9!!!! So if any of you are thinking of doing it this year....... pleas=
get ahold of me ASAP. Please see my website for full information on the
workshop..... not much sense in taking up bandwidth here with it almost
full .

There is one piece of very important news about the workshop

Due to a very important situation coming up suddenly in my life......... =
find myself for the first time since the start of the workshop in 1981,
having to shift the established dates around. This change is not taken
lightly. The exact details are still in a state of flux..... but it
appears that the new dates will be either Thursday, August 22 through =

Saturday, August 31st..... or Friday, August 23 through Sunday, Sept 1. =

The second set of dates is the most likely....... pushing the workshop ba=
a full week from "normal". I should know the exact dates within a week o=

I appologize if this sudden date change causes anyone any inconvenience.



John Baymore
River Bend Pottery
22 Riverbend Way
Wilton, NH 03086 USA

603-654-2752 (s)
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