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garden pots and pedestals/my show

updated sat 4 may 02


Marcia Selsor on fri 3 may 02

hi Gayle,
I have an opening tonight with bird baths, door surround, and an
installation to
I am attaching 4 pics.maybe 5.
Also a statement about the books.(installation)
I was in Philly last Nov with sister and parents. Mostly because of my 35th
reunion, but we went to see our old house and those where my parents each
grew up.
Ate at the old neighborhood diner in NE .
I don't think I'd want to live there but it was nostalgic.
Here's my pics. The books are 14.5' x 4' and the door is 4' x 8.5'
Best wishes,

claybair wrote:

> Hi Marcia,
> Thanks for the timely posting.
> I decided yesterday that I am going to make some bird baths next week.
> I'd love to see your digitals.
> Not having a slab roller I will probably try my hand at throwing these
> babies!
> However if that fails I can always slap out some slabs the hard way..... 2
> sticks and a roller!
> BTW, I was in the Phila area last month...... icky..... hated it.....
> suffice it to say I couldn't wait to get back here.
> Best regards,
> Gayle Bair
> Bainbridge Island, WA
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