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giffen grip tip -scrap catcher for the brent wheel

updated sat 11 may 02


OWLPOTTER@AOL.COM on thu 9 may 02

First go to your local K-mart or whatever, who sells plastic pans. You will
need two (2) 30 quart plastic tubs. And one of those sharp cutters you can
break the blade off from.
These tubs used to cost $1 but last time I checked they were up to $4.99

These plastic tubs are about 8 inches deep and 18 inches in diameter. They
sometimes have two molded handles as part of the rim. You are going to cut
these tubs to overlap each other and form a huge, deep splash pan.

Two tubs will only make one scrap catcher because the two halves must
each other.

Turn them over and on the bottom, using your Brent splash pan as a guide -
draw with a marker in the center, the area necessary to cut away to fit the
tub to your wheel. Do this on the bottom of both tubs.

Starting at the rim of the first tub, cut down twice, about 90 degrees
making certain you have the handles equally spaced from your cuts. When you
reach the bottom of the tub with your cutter continue cutting to the circle
you marked with the splash pan and cut around the circle accordingly.

Cut the second tub as nearly in two as possible (if handles are present, cut
down from the rim just before the handles) so that you have as large a
section of tub without handles as possible.

These two pieces of the two tubs will now overlap and form a complete circle
with a hole in the bottom to accomodate the wheel shaft.

I simply use two welders clamps where they overlap and they catch a great
deal of trimmings before I have to unclamp them, separate them and dump out
the trimmings.

The two tubs I found recently were stiff enough plastic that I can rest my
forearm on the rim as I trim which really steadies my hand.
-Carolynn Palmer, Somerset Center, Michigan

ginny bivaletz on fri 10 may 02

carolyn - that sounds like a great solution. i am
glad that i am not the only one who had that problem.
thank you for the wonderfully detailed instructions.

ginny from orcas island, washington.

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