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hamilton potters guild show - standards and tony's fun?!*

updated fri 3 may 02


Crystal Hawley on thu 2 may 02

As President of the Hamilton and Region Potters' Guild I felt compelled to
respond to Tony's "Fritzies Leiderhosen" posting. Our Guild does have
standards that have been developed over the years and which the majority of
our members (when last polled in a questionnaire) agree are appropriate.
If a pot is designed to pour it should pour, if there's a lid, it should
fit; there shouldn't be cracks, crazing or bloating. Our Customers
appreciate this and have shown their appreciation by continuing to be loyal.
We realize that times change, and we try to keep current. Our standards
committee are all volunteers who are trying to do the best they can, and
sometimes they have taken the "spirit" of the standards literally. As new
situations occur, we discuss issues (which has been done since the last
sale) and have in fact talked about the functionality of a 28 lb jug.

I think that Tony was trying to be funny when he slandered the "tall guy
wearing Leiderhosen", but, the individual he's referring to has been a
long-standing member who has volunteered many hours, and doesn't deserve to
be belittled publicy or privately. I would hope that in the future if
individuals have a problem with standards, and want things changed, then it
would be more constructive if they discuss their concerns with the standards
committee, an Executive member, or better yet, put it on the agenda to
discuss at one of the Guild's meetings. Pose the issue to the group of
people who make the decisions, have a constructive dialogue, and if the
majority of members feel there should be changes, then so be it.

I've defended Tony many times, by saying that he's passionate about his
work, sometimes a little hot-headed, but, he has a good heart, and he can
make us question the norm. I normally enjoy his writings, have a good laugh,
shake my head and think about things. I trust Tony will continue to do
this, but, enough with the personal insults.

Crystal Hawley