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open studio weekend

updated tue 7 may 02


Karen Deasy on mon 6 may 02


As spring is a very busy time of the year and everyone goes out to shake =
off the dust. Anyone looking for a refreshing change or a quick trip to =
the country should come and check out the open studio weekend in Vermont =
over the holiday weekend.=20

It's a real good chance to meet alot of artists who work in various =
media and chat about their work. A great time and the scenery isn't half =
bad. Open studio runs May 25th and 26th you can get maps and directions =
off of the Vermont Crafts council web site.

I know some clayarters participate each year and for many artists it is =
the only opportunity you get to see their studios as they are generally =
not open to the public.

Info on open studio weekend

Karen Deasy
Cabot, Vermont

Hope some of you will attend, well back to packing have to relocate home =
& office in 25 days.