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tile warpage: paper and silicon

updated sat 4 may 02


george koller on fri 3 may 02

Hi All,

Thanks for the wonderful sharing, the recent thread on tile
warpage gave me several ideas that I am looking forward
to testing when I can again. Then the fairly recent postings
on silicon also came back to me.... and I started thinking about
how silicon and paper might cause somewhat similar end effects
with regard to warpage...

Has anybody has experimented with, or would anyone be
willing to conjecture on:

What effect silicon might have on warpage in larger (15" by 18")
stoneware tiles?

Could the tiles, perhaps, be made thinner than otherwise possible?

Would anyone be willing to guess what a good minimum and
maximum percent of silicon might be as a starting point?

Really looking forward to doing some nice gooey experimenting
on this...


George Koller

PS I especially enjoyed the mental model of inducing "amnesia"
into the clay "memory" by dropping the tiles, so I'm wondering
if using silicon might be something like "aging" the clay memory?