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tiles for my own kitchen

updated thu 9 may 02


Nancy Guido on wed 8 may 02

I have been busy working on the tiles for my own kitchen counters. They
be 6" terra cotta tiles covered with the Waterfall Glaze from the Ron and
John book - Mastering Cone 6 Glazes. I have about 140 tiles glazed so far
(I need about 200) and I have the bullnose tiles ready to be glazed. My
friend who is an interior designer decided that since I picked that glaze
that my oak cupboards in the kitchen should be painted. So, whilst hubby
busy at work, I painted the island, sanded it down a little and stained over
it to give it a distressed look, I even spattered some stain at the end just
because I thought it would look good. It does. My kids thought I was crazy
and husband - got over it. The oak cupboards are 10 years old now and I am
not in the mood for a total remodel. So while the kiln fires I paint

I'll post pictures somehow, somewhere of all my home projects when I get the
kitchen done.

Nancy G.
talk about boredom making tiles - but worth it when you open the kiln!