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worn bats-when our gadgets wear out, technique

updated sun 12 may 02


Kathy on sat 11 may 02

It's nice to see a review of the bat grabber. Worn
bat pin holes really drive me nuts too. For those
still throwing on worn bats, try putting some wads of
clay under the bat rather than filling the loose holes
with clay.
I sometimes get the impression that all our special
tools and new whirlgigs don't really help out that
much. All tools have a learning curve. All tools
require maintenance.
It may be solely a matter of preference, but I'll
never believe that a Griffen-Grip makes better trimmed
pots than a moldy old hand-thrown chuck or a fresh
cone of clay. Same with lots of other nifty, speedy,
easy contraptions. Yes, lots of potters are making
wonderful pots with these gadgets. However, I'd bet if
their gadgets broke--they'd still be making really
killer pots.
A lot of the old pottery of the world was made by
people who spent most of the year farming, or women
who spent most of their lives rearing children. It
raises a sticky question about the importance of
technique and the dangers of facile, mechanical
solutions. That's a question that stays interesting,
even after you buy new bats.

Barronett, Wisconsin

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Michele Williams on sat 11 may 02

One of our grad students used really big wads of bubble gum. Good as

Michele Williams