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brushing on glaze - request for help

updated wed 5 jun 02


Lee Sipe on fri 31 may 02

I apply all my glazes by brushing. Certain glazes are too dry to brush =
on evenly. Is there anything I can add to make these glazes brush on =


Lee Sipe
Columbia, SC

Marianne Lombardo on fri 31 may 02


I also apply the majority of my glazes by brushing. Personally, I find that
CMC works pretty well. Someone once suggested Gum Arabic but I have never
tried it because I have no idea what it is or where to buy it.

A couple of my glazes (with clay content) work well with Bentonite.

Marianne Lombardo

Sharon Pemberton on sat 1 jun 02

I use a bit of CMC in some water, decant a bit of water from the glaze and
mix in the CMC suspension. Works great for me!


Alisa Liskin Clausen on tue 4 jun 02

Hi Lee
A few drops of drugstore glycerine to your glaze slurry will help a lot.
regards from Alisa in Denmark