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caribbean kiln: firebrick and burner questions

updated wed 15 may 02


Justin Davis-Metzner on tue 14 may 02

I=92m trying to build a small kiln in the Dominican Republic this summer.

would like to make my own firebrick. I remember seeing a recipe (from
Pioneer Potter, I think) that was something like 80% grog and 20% bond
clay. What makes bond clay bond? How can I test for bond clay? Will
ground up bisqueware work for grog? I=92ve been working with paperclay
lately and thought I might be able to make something of an insulating
firebrick if I add paper pulp to the mix, anyone have any comments?

I already own an MR750 venturi burner that I use for raku. Can someone
tell me how large a kiln one or two of these burners could fire? Any
design suggestions for such a kiln? Thanks.