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ceramics restoration training (uk)

updated wed 15 may 02


Janet Kaiser on tue 14 may 02

It has the reputation of being a good course and they undertake
restoration for the commercial world. Many full-time students are
sponsored by antique dealers and auction houses. Same goes for the
musical instrument making department.

The college itself sounds really amazing, set in beautiful parkland in
the south of England. Howard Coles (one of our local artists)
regularly lecturers down there. Students come from all over for short
week-long courses held during the Easter and the Summer vacations.

When they feel in need of something new, they go up to the attic and
cart something out for auction. An original Salvador Dali red leather
"lips" sofa is in everyday use down in the bar! All left in trust for
the betterment, training and education in certain Crafts of the Nation
by an eccentric English millionaire, who apparently also built fantasy
sculptures in the manner of Gaudi in the Brazilian rain forest...

T is indeed the abbreviation of Telephone.
E for E-mail
F for FAX
V for Voicemail (rare)

Usually capital letters, but sometimes lower case, these abbreviations
are appearing as the "norm" in the UK these days.

When international telephone numbers are given, the + is your own
national prefix for direct dialling an international number. They are
usually listed in your telephone book. Each country has its own code
starting with the USA. +44 (in most countries + is substituted by 0 or
00 or 01) is therefore direct dialling code to the UK from anywhere in
the world. The zero in the local code of the UK is then dropped, which
is why the zero (0) of the given number is in parenthesis. To phone
from Germany (for example) would be 0044-1243-811301

If dialling from within the UK, you would drop the 44 and just dial

Janet Kaiser - I bet 99.9% of you thought: "Trust Janet to write
information like that"... Why use one word, when 10 will do?
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> This is in the city of Chichester, Sussex, England, not the USA, but
it may be
> useful:
> West Dean College (UK
> )
> Ceramics Restoration Training
> West Dean College,
> West Dean, Chichester,
> West Sussex PO18 0QZ
> Phone: +44(0)1243 811301