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first macro crystal firing

updated sat 1 jun 02


Fay & Ralph Loewenthal on fri 31 may 02

Hi Clayarters, first off I would like to thank all the crystal
boffs, like Bill Schran, Peter Ilsley et al for their help via
books, and email. I started my first crystal firing ever=20
Wednesday night at 23h00 and switched off Thursday=20
afternoon 16h30. To my delight, and complete surprise, I
had absolutely lovely crystals. The clay I used for the two
platters had cracked, and one platter is well and truely
stuck to the kiln shelf. This is the first time I have used
this clay and will have to see what I can do to rectify the
problem. I used Ferro Frit 3110, from the States, on one
platter and a local frit from SA on the other. Both worked.
Lee Middleman, very kindly, brought me the 3110 from the
States. Joan Ashworth also helped me with her glaze=20
program. I will try to take some digital photos and email=20
All the best from Ralph Loewenthal in Cape Town SA.