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updated wed 22 may 02


Kay Howard on mon 20 may 02

Hi Sherry--sorry to not have caught your message before heading to =
Greektown-it was a 3 day show. You were smart to not venture out--I =
don't think it got above 50 degrees, plus rain, sleet, wind. No =
customers. They were all in the bars and casinos. Few sales. Drunk in =
SUV scooted around the security barrier and backed into a corner of my =
display. Sturdy display. Only lost three pieces but wiped out any =
above expenses profit. Couldn't light furnace in camper. Brr. Good =
news--can only go up from here and even in Michigan it eventually warms =
up. Better news--I had several nice Waterfall glazed pieces, some sold =
and got lot of oohs and aahs. Thanks John and Ron. To avoid fusing =
things to the kiln shelves I've been putting a "barrier" of Randy's Red =
on the lower part of vertical WF pieces. Works pretty good. Sherry =
(and anyone else!) -I would be happy to share what I know of (mostly) =
Michigan shows if you want to contact me off-list. = or 517-522-4771. My next adventures are Flint =
fine art show, Northville Art in the Sun and Grand Haven, all in June. =
I look forward to visiting with you. (By the way, I live about 30 miles =
west of Ann Arbor, near Jackson).

Kay Howard
Capricorn Clay