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jonathan's bowl project

updated fri 31 may 02


Joyce Lee on thu 30 may 02

Thanks to all of you who reported on the success Miriam's Kitchen had =
raising funds. I am torqued that somehow this went right past me. =
Jonathan of D.C. has long been one of my buds ... whether we post or not =
... I think of him often. I certainly would have sent a bunch of the =
best bowls I could produce, which actually are getting better to the =
point that I would consider sending one along for such a noble cause.

Next time, dear J. of D.C. , either you or Anjie Get My Attention! =

In the Mojave returning home from a day driving alone to =
Lancaster/Palmdale, and listening to music... hours&hours of it. Not a =
lot of traffic.... almost zip this morning around 8:00. Clear skies, =
gorgeous Sierras, lots of shino splashed about in Red Rock Canyon. Many =
wildflowers, though scattered .... many different yellows, whites and =
lavenders. Saw a lone coyote and several roadrunners.... unperturbed by =
my passing....