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question about slip - thanks

updated wed 29 may 02


Jennifer Buckner on mon 27 may 02

Thanks to Vince, Craig, Donna and Jeff for your quick responses about my
slip question. That was exactly the information I'd hoped for and I'm off
to my studio now (with my cheese slicer!) to cut up some clay. It's a
sunny breezy day here and the slices will likely dry well outside.

Jeff, your approach to workshops ("....... it's just a workshop, and you go
to workshops to learn, ..... Once I've come back from the workshop and have
more time and the new knowledge, I can do a better job anyway") is one I
share, but I did want to have the right medium to practice with.

Thanks again. This group is a gold mine!


Jennifer G. Buckner

Donna Sparks at Almost Art on tue 28 may 02

well, i learned some things from the other responders.
i will add that you can just take the moist clay and put it in a blender
with some water to get slip. or if you have a 'reclaim bucket' with your
watered down scraps, put some of them in a blender.

i wouldn't mix stains and oxides in the blender unless it is one you are
NOT going to be using for food afterwards.