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updated wed 29 may 02


Richard Jeffery on tue 28 may 02

Just in case Steve is getting worried about being on permanent call out
across Europe, I should point out that Françoise is getting on for 2000
miles away from Steve in Bath - oh, and there is the channel to cross,

Richard Jeffery

Web Design and Photography
Bournemouth UK

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Like Bacia, I visited your website
and was in despair for you as I read through your trials with this
excuse for a kiln, etc. In No America we take our kiln designers for
granted; and hence we would be appalled by the treatment you have
received in Spain.
From the disastrous firing when you finally reached 1000+ oC
according to the controller, I have to conclude this kiln is barely worth
salvaging, other than use as a bisquing or raku kiln. My immediate
reaction is write it off and start from scratch and build a new oil-fired
At this distance my main suggestion is to contact Steve Mills of
Bath Pottery Supplies (or hope he contacts you). I would expect Steve to
be aware of your situation in Spain, and would therefore be in the best
position to provide sensible advice.
til later. Peace. Tom B.

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