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a new kinda brush#3 - attack of the clones

updated fri 7 jun 02


george koller on mon 3 jun 02

episode 3

plot: darth disney stuff maker and his allies are set to
take li'l charley iii and his brainy innards and clone him
by the hundreds. just another business deal. mickey,
and goofey will get spritzed onto tile like things, for
an extra $2 you can have'm that glow. the kids bedrooms
of america, and the people that decorate them are waiting.
most especially the people that sell to these people.

but george water walker and charley iii are hiding out
at alfred. they are set to go with the forces of good
and light and better art. there are forces for good here
but their pants are so baggy that they are spending all
their energies holding them up (or so it appears to water

that's the scene, i'm girded for an attack from the evil
empire (or reality)..... i really gotta get to work.

george water walker

Saic1984@AOL.COM on thu 6 jun 02

Let the Force Be With You...GWWalker.