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a positive use of paperslip:

updated sun 9 jun 02


Ababi on sat 8 jun 02

Hello ClayArters!
A positive use of paperslip:
I used it for 'my' Bedouin women: They filled air in balloons.
around the balloon we ( as I demonstrated) tied a band,poultice, to
keep the slip, avoid it's slipping out.
We tied a thread to hang it for drying.
We used slip once in the beginning of the lesson and the second in the
We repeated it the next lesson. In the third lesson we cut gently a
hole and pulled the balloon. They made base and top.
After bisque the works look fine. When they will be finished I will
upload them to my site

I started a balloon for myself once for raku. Seeing the results, I
might finish it.

I must add here: When lesson one finished I dried the slip into clay
Before lesson two made a new paper slip.
Ababi Sharon
Kibbutz Shoval- Israel
Glaze addict