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faceting teabowls

updated wed 5 jun 02


Jeff Tsai on tue 4 jun 02


Throw a teabowl with walls that are a little thicker. (I'd do at least a
inch. As you get more experienced faceting, you can probably figure out how
thick is best for you, but to start, throw thicker)

Right after you throw the tea bowl and are all done throwing (usually before
you even remove it from the wheel) use a wire cutter, held very taut, and
slice down the side of the wall. Be careful not to slice THROUGH the wall,
and remove the sliced off piece with a pin tool, or whatever is handy.

Repeat that process over the whole piece of over the areas you want faceted.

A cheese cutter is usually easier than a wire tool if you have one to use.

-jeff on tue 4 jun 02

In addition to throwing the shape thicker, you might also alter the shape
after throwing and prior to cutting. Determine=
how many corners you want, and where you want them, then use one finger on
the inside and two on the outside (one on eit=
her side of the inside finger). I usually start at the bottom and move up
the side as I change the shape. This way, wit=
h a little practice you can get the same shapes without needing as thick of
walls to begin with and the inside shape mirr=
ors somewhat the outside shape.

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