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first wood fired kiln in us

updated sun 9 jun 02


Jeff Tsai on sat 8 jun 02

I believe the first wood fired kiln in the US was built (if you can call it
built) by an unknown native american. It was called a bonfire, and there was
a piece of hand-formed clay in it. After all, a pit fire burns wood as its
main source of fuel.

Besides that, I don't think there's anything wrong with our "gossiping"
Callas (I just make the leaping assumption he put the ad there since it is
mostly in first person). He put something out to the public and now we're
talking about it. Just because our opinions are mostly unified doesn't
suddenly turn it into gossip. Anyways, his ad is wasted on me. I couldn't
afford a Callas piece -- hell, I can barely afford my monthly bills -- even
if I wanted one, and though I've only seen a dozen or so such pieces in
or on the internet, I don't think I want one.