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fw: red earthenware lookalike engobe for stoneware?

updated fri 7 jun 02


Alisa Liskin Clausen on thu 6 jun 02

Dear Theresa,
Two things you can experiment with are
a red earthernware slip over your stoneware. I have tried this from clay
dug up at the local school. At 1220c, the earthernware
melts and becomes a glaze like covering over the stoneware body. It was not
a red red clay, more ochre colored. You can try
a red eathernware to get the color you want. However, it could melt off the
pot or just blister, so you need to experiement, on old
kiln shelve fragments or bisqued plaques beneathe your tests.

I have also mixed up slip from Oldenwalder clay in dry form. This is just
a red clay, maybe like Albany slip.

Problem with both of these, they can become greyish under a clear glaze.

Maybe not much help, but a start.
Why not find a red stoneware, or one that is redder than brown. I think it
will be hard to get that true bright terracotta color, also under a glaze,
at stoneware temps.

Let us know what you find.

regards from Alisa in Denmark