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george koller - new kind of brush

updated wed 5 jun 02


Ann Semple on mon 3 jun 02

George - I'm glad to hear the force is with you.
It sounds like li'l charlie could take over all the decorating of - of Kurt
tiles did you say? I think I'd rather have disney do mickey and keep kurt on
his tiles. Even if I can't tell the difference. Is that really possible?

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george koller on tue 4 jun 02

Ann Semple wrote:

> George - I'm glad to hear the force is with you.
> It sounds like li'l charlie could take over all the decorating of - of
Kurt tiles

The software can simulate saturation in a modeling mode, think about it,
its a simple physical model - much simpler than what we do with our
brains when using dead (hopefully) animal hair. So Kurt brushes,
we nanosquirt (i love Janet's term). He scratches with a dental tool,
and li'l charley has a rotary tool like a dentist would use. So I think
we will be close, fairly close to doing what kurt doing. (note that we
don't have, and don't need visual feedback). but we are only now set
to prove this (although many tests along the way have convinced me
it'll be possible). who knows, they might even look more handmade.
the tiles will be handmade, very handmade (slab rolled) so the result
will be labeled "handmade tile, machine assisted decoration, and :)
supplies! - not made in china)

what i think is positive is that we pay the original artist royalties for
every replication so he/she can spend time doing design. so likely
much more time can justified making the masters. jewelers do this
with investment casting. who even asks for the original. if you want
one of a kind you pay for it, that's cool, but if you don't want to invent
10,000 in tiles to decorate your new kitchen you can probably be pretty
happy with replications, not?

but wait! there's more.....

and another aspect of this is also pretty exciting. met with 3 grad
(thanks tony!!) yesterday and they tell me i'm not nuts.... there are whole
new plateaus to explore for example on porcelain. turns out linda and i
are both fans of the IMAGE work of Mahvash Mossaed. she was women
artist of the year etc. etc., and just does wonderful islamic imagery.
one path might be to work with her toward getting her complex images onto
a suitable material. i think porcelain slabs would be great, but i'm just a
computer geek running amok. but, i'm learning to go with the forces. (and
a little green guy in ontario who is giving me homework)

the saga goes on but i really gotta put the lab coat back on and get to
we have another meeting with the forces of green coming up......

may your light sword stay lit,

george water walker