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joyce lee on macro-crystalline glazes

updated wed 5 jun 02


Janet Kaiser on tue 4 jun 02

Poor Joyce! Yes, it is true that you have to have "saucers" for
bottles, vessels, etc. otherwise the glaze just runs straight off onto
the bats. Although having said that, DeLana Hornbeck has cracked this
particular problem by making little bowls with wide, flattened,
flanged rims that she kinks up around the edge and again in the middle
so that the glaze can pool safely there. I forgot to show the lovely
one she gave me to Avril last time she was up in North Wales, but I
really think this is a great way to go! Should reduce the number of
losses through breakage during that grinding process.

All the macro-crystalline producers I know, got absolutely hooked at
an early age and have never had another lover since... I think you
have sensibly avoided the MC trap, Joyce!! Shino is enough for one
life-time... Maybe MC for the next? Don't be sad that you are not
"into" MC.

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