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lid making method

updated thu 6 jun 02


Valerie Hawkins on wed 5 jun 02

I've been meaning to share this for sometime. But what is new to me, is
mostly likely old hat to most of those on the list.

Anyway, I attended a workshop led by Mart Peters, a young and talented North
Carolina potter. He has a very loose and fluid style.

He makes lids in keeping with this style by throwing a slab on the wheel
then cutting it off and moving it to newspaper to 'set-up' a bit. He has a
large selection of bisqued forms that are basically upside down bowl shapes
in a variety of sizes. He selects the form that best fits the piece he's
making a lid for. He centers the slab on top of the form and then drops
them onto the table top. The lid is then checked for fit and trimmed where

This resulted in a beautifully soft and fluid looking lid, perfectly
matching the style of the base. Avoids the hard look of a trimmed lid.

I hope someone can use this!

And by the way, what a talented, friendly and unassuming young guy! Very
generous in sharing of his methods. I would highly recommend him as a
workshop presenter.