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red earthenware lookalike engobe for stoneware?

updated fri 7 jun 02


Theresa Sandin on thu 6 jun 02

Hi all! I'm new to the list, and have high hopes that someone has had the
same problem as myself, and solved it ;-).

I'm about to make cookie dishes for coffee shops and resturants, and I'm
taking over after someone who has obviously seized to make them. The thing
is that they are fairly big pieces made in two parts - a hollow foot and a
wide bowl on top. They used to be made from earthenware and decorated with
engobe line decoration in white, yellow and blue.

The shops say they didn't last long because they broke and chipped
constantly. And I work in stoneware only and thus I thought that that
wouldn't be a problem. So they agreed to pay me quite a substantial bit
more if the pieces don't chip. So I'll make them in stoneware cone 8-9. Now
to the problem.

They have a gorgeous deep earthenware red surface, and with transparent
glase look precious, but I can't recreate that look with stoneware. I've
tried adding R I O to the clay but to get that deep reddish brown look it
took so much that the bowls collapsed from the fluxing! Then I thought "red

Has anyone on the list done this before? I'd hate to reinvent the wheel of
some genius already did. I can take a photo of the piece to try to convey
the colour.

Regards, Theresa