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ceramic industry /studio potter

updated tue 18 jun 02


BVCuma on mon 17 jun 02

>>Very little of what we use is "made for the ceramic industry" or at =
least for
studio potters.<<

Hi Earl,
Yes I am all to aware of this fact.
In a country of 1 billion people
there is not a single "pottery supply house"
that I have the luxury of stepping into and choosing
whatever my heart desires and the recipe requires.
I find my "chemicals" just there...
with the laboratory reagent grade chemical supplier.
Simple things like a favourite, rutile or stains=20
or the lithium spars are difficult to locate.
And when found the dealer wants to know my=20
monthly requirement... by the container load.
"Oh I just have a low consumption sort of situation
Would you be willing to let it go by the bag"
Brush off cold shoulder and get lost is the usual response.
No I'm fully aware of the insignificance of the studio worker and his =
BTW...I was surprised at the efforts of so many to gain
when the ghastly Gb failed...
And if it was so damned bad why weren't they there in the first place?
Just a thought..