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co-op thieves

updated thu 27 jun 02


Dale Neese on wed 26 jun 02

Thievery from a CO-OP is not uncommon. When I belonged to one several =
years ago we had someone taking money from sales out of the safe. A =
small storefront operation so it was easy tracking down the culprit. =
When every person has a key and left alone in the shop on their day to =
work, who knows what happens? The only thing to do is call a meeting of =
the members and let them know that there is a serious problem and that =
the group is striving to correct the situation without accusing anyone. =
When we found out with proof of evidence and you sometime have to be =
clever to mark money and confront the person with the police present. =
Also, in these days and in the times we live in, unfortunately you =
really have to know the complete background of a person before you enter =
into business with them. Now I would what to know what they had for =
breakfast that morning. Even though this person on the outset appeared =
to be a good dependable worker and craftsperson, they were stealing from =
the till. Upon doing a background check, this person had a police record =
for theft and was in debt up to their eyeballs.
Now as far as taking items from the inventory, that may prove to be a =
harder nut to crack. In another store co-op someone was taking items and =
selling them to a flea market for money. When we mentioned that we knew =
the identity of the person stealing, Some of the artwork reappeared as =
mysteriously as it disappeared. Then we voted that person from =
Dale Tex