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fair fee for studio space

updated fri 21 jun 02


Julie Milazzo on thu 20 jun 02

It sounds like you both may have a good deal
already! If this guy has been in the business for over
fifty years, it may be safe to assume that having
someone else recycling and loading is enough. Plus, he
may enjoy your company/enthusiasm. Five hours a week
of work on your part may not seem like a lot, but if
it gives him five extra hours to make pots, he may
well think that it is payment enough. Many potters
prefer to barter than to necessarily charge money (or
pay it...)
If, in the future, you want to step it up a bit
as far as your production goes, you could approach
him, and let him know that you are wanting to make
more pieces, or spend more time, or make bigger
pieces, and ask him what a fair price would be then?
Chances are good that if this situation wasn't working
on his end, he would have said something. I suppose
that as long as your conscience is guilty, though,
over having such a great deal, you could bring it up
with him, and just tell him that you know what a great
deal you're getting, you don't want to take advantage
(and that's something to be proud of; many people are
out to take advantage of others), and does he think
the situation is fair, or would some form of payment
work for him? I would think that $150 in addition to
the work should more than suffice. Best of luck, and
enjoy! Jules

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