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square vases: reply to sirbeutfort

updated mon 17 jun 02


Jeff Tsai on sun 16 jun 02

I got a email about my square vases response but my "reply" sent my reply
back to me so I'm just sending it to the list.

Someone was asking about making vases that were square in shape. They would
be 6" tall, 6" wide, and 1" thick. There would be a single hole down the
center for a single flower.

It's not too hard if you have an extruder and a way to make extruder dies.

If you cut a 1" by 6" square hole in an extruder die you can just extrude out

a long extrusion of this shape. Cut the extrusion ever 6" and stand the
pieces on the 1" side and you have your basic vase shape without a whole lot
of trouble.

The hole for the flower could be cut out at this point, but to make the whole

task easier, you could make an attachment for the die that will make a small
hollow hole through the entire extrusion. (the same way a lot of extruders
can make hollow coils.

All you have to do then is plug up the bottom of the piece with a small
amount of clay. Really, it's not hard, though it probably takes a little
imagination if you're not familiar with extruders.

I'm not the best person to ask about making dies for extruders though....some

of the other clayarters have more detailed advice and experience about die
making, but I think if you asked, you'd get good response.

This just seemed like the easiest way to make the kind of vases Joyce was
asking about making.