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teapot spout crimp

updated fri 14 jun 02


Brandon Phillips on wed 12 jun 02

This technique is shown in Warren Mackenzie's video, "An American Potter."
I've made a few myself, so I'll try my best to explain it.

1. Throw your spout, (this usually looks better on shoter/stubier spouts in
my opinion, but experiment with it) you can't have a paper-thin spout
because the pinching will make it collapse.

2. Right after you've thrown the spout, before you take it off the wheel,
pull the top edge down just a smidge, like a making a pitcher spout, but
remember, only a smidge. If you look at the ends of these spouts they're
slightly oval.

3. Put your forefinger and thumb together with a little gap inbetween them.
Go for it at about the middle of the spout GENTLY pushing back with a
slight pinch. If it is too thin, it'll collapse or look real awkward, throw
a bunch first to practice. Cut it off, let it dry, attach. Fire. Make
tea, enjoy. You should find that these spouts pour exceptionally well. And
I've never had a problem with twisting either. I just put them on

I hope this helps!

Brandon Phillips

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