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square vases (was chris hendley's tools #2)

updated sat 29 jun 02


Joyce Lee on fri 28 jun 02

Marianne said:
> No, I meant I wanted to see your 1" thick slabs. Chris's tools sound
> but it was your work I wanted to see. (no offense, Chris).

Well, I sure missed the hoop on that one. Sorry, Marianne. At the =
moment I'm working the square vases as a "sideline" with other throwing =
projects taking priority. However, I have 70 plus (number keeps =
changing according to how many I do that day PLUS how many get a trip to =
the dump.) drying s-l-o-w-l-y in the damp box. The bisque will come =
soon. Then I'll be trying different styles of slip&glaze =
decorating...... leaving some plain. THEN, yes indeedy, I'll take some =
digitals and
send them to those curious to see the final product ....... good or bad. =

Thank you for asking.

In the Mojave where our major energies are expended during the early =
morning hours ..... the cool time .... that's clay, chores, playing with =
the westie, shopping,
cooking etc. Means morning has to begin around 4 a.m. and that's when =
I normally opt to moderate ..... so the list may be more off-schedule =
than usual .....=20