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hanging platters

updated mon 1 jul 02


Dale Neese on mon 1 jul 02

I just finished a nice 26 inch platter and adding the foot ring where =
the wire will go. I threw the platter on a huge wooden bat, cut it loose =
and let it dry to leather hard. The placing another wooden bat covered =
with foam over the platter and flipped it on to the wheel head. Trimmed =
the bottom flat and smooth. Then extruded a 1 inch coil of soft clay. =
Placed the coil where the supporting foot would be, centered and =
attached the coil to the bottom of the platter. I left a groove around =
the foot ring where a strong wire can be fastened without fear of =
slipping loose. Recovered the platter with plastic for a day until the =
attached foot stiffened enough to be flipped right side up on another =
bat covered with newspaper. Cover with plastic and dry slowly. On =
hanging wall platters this size I think this is one of the strongest, =
secure methods of attaching a hanging wire. Then always use a heavy duty =
wall anchor and hook to hang the platter.
Heading out to a holiday fair on the Texas coast this week. Everyone =
have a safe and fun 4th of July weekend!
Dale Tex