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studio assistants

updated mon 1 jul 02


The Slack-DeBrock Family on sun 30 jun 02

Hello all,

I have looked through the archives and am still looking for some =
information on studio assistants. I'll be taking on a person to help =
with all of the basic jobs, as well as helping with gallery sales, in =
exchange for an apartment, work space, and the experience. I'm wondering =
if anyone can share ideas about a "fair trade"....or can direct me to =
that information. Personal experiences would be most helpful! I'm trying =
to guess at clay, firing, glazing costs and am really wondering about =
the best way to set this up. I saw it mentioned that John Glick has a =
nice program , but can't find more than that reference.=20

Also, we have a "Fast-fire, Wood-burning Kiln Workshop" coming up in =
September in northern Wisconsin with spaces open: 3 days hands-on =
experience on the construction and firing of the fastfire design by Fred =
Olsen . If anyone would like more information send your name and =
address and a flyer can be mailed to you.

thanks for any help on the assistant job you can send me!

Joan DeBrock
Riverrun Pottery