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wood firing book

updated mon 1 jul 02


RPeckham@COOKSONELECTRONICS.COM on mon 1 jul 02

I am starting to daydream about building a wood fired kiln. I am unsure
as to what exactly I want. Reading in the archives, I am somewhat swayed
to the bourry box design, but I don't even know enough to know that. I
have also seen suggestions of many books.

Can anyone suggest a book that perhaps has a breakdown of the differences,
as well as a comparison of kiln geometry, and what relations are

I was thinking that the Fred Olsen book would be a good starter, but was
wondering if it might be too focused on one kiln type for this phase of my

I was thinking somewhere around a 30 ft^3. Maybe larger if need be.

I am electric now, 10 ft^3 and when I am producing I fire once, or twice a

I am thinking castable, and am more interested in experimenting than

I know this kiln will not be the last one I make, so it does not have to
be perfect. Just needs to be a good basis for learning.