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5 wood firing books- homework

updated wed 3 jul 02


clennell on mon 1 jul 02

Sour Cherry Pottery

> I would add one other book to this list.... booklet really..... Laid Back
> Woodfiring by Steve Harrison of Australia. It's available from the "Pottery
> in Australia" magazine's website. Discusses plans and firing schedule for a
> 30 cu. ft. Bourry box kiln. Bourries are much more common in Australia than
> here. My kiln is a larger version of Harrison's kiln. I "test drove" a
> number of wood kilns and examined a lot of wood fired pots from various
> kilns before deciding on the Bourry design. It is not a high ash deposit
> kiln. However, more ash effects can be obtained by throwing some extra ash
> in. It does give nice flashing.
> Ruth Ballou
> Silver Spring, MD

Ruth: A great suggestion. I didn't know the booklet was available. Steve
Harrison sent me a copy about 10 years ago when I was having trouble with a
bourry box kiln. It has since become a small bible on how to fire a bourry
box kiln.
Thanks! now there are 5 books for homework.