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woodfiring homework

updated wed 3 jul 02


Dave Murphy on tue 2 jul 02

Hi all:

We have just finished dragging home some 1500 bricks for a wood kiln and a
salt kiln. Here's the question? We would like to build a bourry box type
wood kiln and a salt kiln with a common 9" wall between them. We have read
all books concerned with the exception of the one Tony C said was the best
but it is ordered. (promise not to start before we read the book from Coll
Monique Tony.) Do any of you woodfirers see problems with the common wall?
We were thinking that the arches could be unrelated if that might pose a
problem. There is a plan for a similar kiln in Olsens book.

Barbara and David Murphy
Waterloo County Pottery
Waterloo Ontario

Les Crimp on tue 2 jul 02

Dave - (and Tony) -

Contact the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts in Burnaby (Vancouver). Phone

The have built a wood-fired kiln that has a chamber for straight wood-firing
and a second chamber in which they can fire with salt simultaneously. I am
not certain of all the features of the kiln (we will be firing it mid-July)
but I am told it was designed and constructed by a Japanese gentleman.

It is in a totally urban area (although in a park setting) and it burns so
efficiently that it is permitted.

I think it would be worthwhile investigating this kiln before you start
construction of your own.

Les Crimp on that Island in the Pacific.