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grants from usda funded arts / crafts cooperative in west virginia

updated sat 6 jul 02


Jeff Seefeldt on fri 5 jul 02

West Virginia - $31,260
Central Appalachian Arts and Crafts Cooperative, Inc., Sutton, West
Virginia - A $31,260 grant to provide technical assistance in skills
development and business management training to members of the cooperative.
10 jobs created; 150 businesses assisted.

This is the agency I work for, I was pleasantly surprised as I scrolled
through the list of grants and saw this one.


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Subject: Brent splash pan for sale...

While cleaning my studio I found an almost New Brent splash pan that I no
longer need. I used it during a two day demonstration at a school on a
wheel I had set up for the kids to throw on.

I don't use a Brent wheel in my if you would like to buy the
splash pan for 25 dollars US, let me know...that includes shipping.

John Post

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