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david england's post/no subject

updated fri 12 jul 02


Joyce Lee on thu 11 jul 02

Is this the David England from Texas who makes the great ironwork? =
Who forged my beautiful raku tongs (with my name on them) while in =
British Columbia working with the fantastic Mad Cajun, Randy Broadnax?

If so, welcome to pottery. You're a natural. If not, welcome anyway.

In the Mojave still chuckling over Ababi's
post asking if my Marta mug with the small "snail" handle was a =
collaborative effort between Marta and Snail.......=20

AND pleased as the dickens to find I do have the December 1994 Studio =
with the earlier referenced article about
"colored clay." Wonderful pictures of pots!....... Also found my copy =
with the article on David Shaner ... also a beautiful issue about =
Voulkos .... and Volume 6 Number 2 (glad they date the issues now) with =
a Tom Coleman article, "Working With Porcelain" which also depicts and =
describes Tom's painting with oxides on porcelain .... gettin' my iced =
tea next and settlin' down.... lucky duckin' it here in the desert where =
our 116F doesn't really mean a heatwave. It's standard for Mojave =
summers .... but is a little early... usually such temps arrive in =