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envelope vases

updated mon 15 jul 02


Joyce Lee on sun 14 jul 02

Tony..... please, in midst of your turmoil, for which I am sincerely =
sorry ...since you brought it up ... what is an envelope vase? Forget =
the banana part. I can figure that out. Maybe a ......
well, started to say something nasty, but don't want Arti to feel =

Good luck with the member tomorrow.

In the Mojave where the desert is quiet ... unusual ... gives one pause =
as to what is lurking about scaring all the critters.... saw
lightning way off over the mountains last night .... thrilling ..... =
really ...... thrilling... westie spied one of my small light blue =
celadon leaves (wiring them to the redwood lattice enclosure around =
"her" yard) .... really freaked her.... the color? or not knowing what a =
leaf is? she's seen lots of clay in all its forms so that's not it.