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garden feng shui

updated wed 17 jul 02


Kathy Catlin on tue 16 jul 02

I am an amateur feng shui- ist (!) It is my belief that it is the intent of the
shards that counts. If you smashed the pottery with anger and/or hate...which is
negative energy... then, it certainly is bad for the chi. However, if the intent
behind the shard garden is to create a place of beauty, creating function and art
from what would only be put in the dump to take up space then it is good chi! I say
enjoy your shard garden, twirl and dance when you make shards, but watch where you
step :)
Of course if she develops shard envy this could create negative chi- but it will be
on her side of the fence (the envy I mean ) and she'll just have to deal...or ask
you to share your shards!
So, meditate before smashing and all should be well

Pottery by Dai wrote:

> Arti, close your eyes and delete this message:
> In the "old days" they used to make the gallon ice cream buckets with METAL
> handles---if anyone still has any, hang on to them! They also seem to be
> made of a sturdier plastic than the newer ones. I have a small horde of
> metal-handled ones that I don't let anyone else use . Also, dishwasher
> detergent comes in heavy-duty plastic pails, albeit with plastic handles,
> but they seem to last well. I can't imagine anything more scary to hang
> onto than a heavy slop-covered pottery bowl full of water (slob thrower that
> I am). Sometimes you just have to say to heck with the aesthetics and go
> for the utilitarian. But, hey, my tools are all in assorted pottery
> vases......
> By the way, after seeing many potters use seconds or broken pots as part of
> their garden decor, my new neighbour informed me that it's bad "chi" to have
> broken pottery in your garden, according to her feng shui readings. She
> said this as we were looking at her lovely garden, which has broken pottery
> in it, and I see she hasn't removed it . Is anyone on this list a feng
> shui expert who can either verify or deny this?
> Dai in Armstrong, BC, where it's hot, hot, hot---even for the
> Okanagan----and the evenings aren't long enough to get the outside work
> done. Guess I'd better look at the 6 a.m. thing, when it's still cool.
> That should really screw up my internal clock!
> Take your work seriously---take yourself lightly. Unknown
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