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beaded glazes

updated thu 10 jun 04


Miriam Steele on wed 17 jul 02

I believe "Mayco"...carries a lowfire beaded glaze..
ck. with your local ceramic supplier & do a test on
it...Firing temp would be ^06 or ^O5, if I remember
correctly.. It would come in a 4 oz. bottle, so little
cost would be involved.

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dneese on tue 8 jun 04

Back during the bus trips to one of the venues at NCECA this year and I
think it was at the University of Indianapolis where we saw a seated
ceramic female figure with an interesting translucent "beaded glaze" on
areas of the body. Scattered around the figure were larger clear glass
globules. I would like to know the name of the artist if someone can recall.
Could have possibly been graduate student work. The work was exceptionally
nice. Also if any of you have experience working with "beaded glazes" and
could recommend some low-fire recipes or commercial beaded glazes to test I
would appreciate some information on those as well.

Dale Tex
"across the alley from the Alamo"
San Antonio, Texas USA

Pat Southwood on wed 9 jun 04

There was an article in ceramic review a few issues ago about a graduate
that was experimenting with that silver clay stuff, she made it into a slip
and "glazed" her pots with it, i think it fires to about 900 ,anyway, her
surfaces were beaded, and very nice, maybe yours had had stains aded for

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Mark Pitney on wed 9 jun 04

Hi Dale,
Gare has a glaze appropriately called 'White bead' and it is exactly what you
are looking for You can use it as is in it's white form or you can color it
with underglazes It fires to cone 06-04

Cindy & Mark
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11206