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seconds at a major show

updated thu 18 jul 02


The Chapel of Art / Capel Celfyddyd on wed 17 jul 02

Kate asked: "so what do you all think about a "seconds" box at a show that
was supposed to draw 32,000 visitors??"

Well, we have 10,000 visitors per annum and definitely do not show seconds.
Maybe if we did, we would attract 32,000 too? So many all at once is
mind-boggling, but then we are hayseeds and faint when more than a dozen are
in The CoA at any one time.

I take it that the show has been and the projected number did not appear? If
that is the case, I suspect it was an Accountant's Ploy... Trying to
generate bodies rather than actually promoting the arts and craftsmanship?
It is a slippery slope.

I personally think seconds are tacky, but I know that bargain hunters will
only buy if they feel they have got a "good deal". I also know that if some
can buy a pot by Maker X for a discount price, they will buy that rather
than the good stuff. Not much to do with what they can afford, more to do
with the bargain hunting instinct. And show organisers like to increase the
"feel good factor" of visitors, so they return next time. Along the lines of
"Oh, yes. That was the show where I got a XXX pot for the price of a cup of
coffee." It does not help the feel-good factor of makers though...

Janet Kaiser - still fuming over an obviously well-heeled man (lives on a
semi-local "millionaire's row") who wanted to play at Moroccan Markets...
"What good is keeping your prices high if you don't shift the stock?" I
could have hand-bagged him! First time in The CoA and making assumptions
like that? Referring to an exhibition as if it were a market stall?! I
believe I was rather rude, but his wife went ahead and bought anyway. She
wants a cutting off our famous plant, so there was probably method in her
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