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new gallery & need for cosignment work

updated sat 20 jul 02


Deborah M. D. Kaplan on thu 18 jul 02

Hello to all my clay my friends!

Well I did it. I have a beautiful gallery, in the center of Mendham, NJ.
The gallery has pottery, paintings, blown glass, hand made jewelry,
silk-screened scarves, & batik screens. After being open for 2 months it is
clear to me that I need much more pottery (&jewelry)as both are selling
quite well. Is there anyone who would be interested in consigning to the
shop? It's a 60/40 split, you decide on pricing, & all your work is insured
by me once it arrives at the gallery. If someone breaks your piece you
still get paid.

Please give me a call or email me at Thank you

Debbie Kaplan
The Mendham Art Gallery
fax. 973-543-9750
home: 973-543-3756

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Cindy Gatto on thu 18 jul 02

Hi Debbie:
My name is Cindy Gatto. I own The Mudpit, a pottery
in Brooklyn, NY. I would be very interested in doing business with you. If
you would like to check out my website I have one at,or
better yet I could send you information and pictures of some of the items I
have available. Please contact me at The Mudpit, 718-218-9424. I am there
everyday from noon on. You could also e-mail me at I hope
to hear from you soon.
Cindy Gatto
The Mudpit
228 Manhattan Ave.
Brooklyn NY 11206