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light and dark rutile

updated mon 22 jul 02


Bill Edwards on sat 20 jul 02


Jeff they are several rutiles and many impurities of
rutile. Light and dark! I use light rutile since I can
keep control over it better and if I need to I add
TiO2 to make up for any that seems to shift a glaze
out of pattern.
Without going into a long calculations process you
might resort to trying the below mentioned method out
before commiting to a large batch.
If using a newly purchased batch of chemicals or
chemical I suggest making a small batch, test it for
duplication of your master batch and make the shift
from there. Its a process that is always on-going when
it contains compounds like rutile and irons.
Try to fire an existing piece using the old batch
glaze in with the new batch and compare. TiO2 can help
if you seem to be getting too much iron in the mix. I
reduce it around 25% by weight (removing that much
dark rutile and replacing it straight out with TiO2.)
If the rutile is heavy in iron and impurities you
might be best to go with a heavier dilution or change
rutile. I have failed to achieve the same results in
the past by subbing only TiO2 on certain glazes but
once again, it is relient on the your perspective and
how much iron is acceptable.

William Edwards
Tallapoosa River Pottery


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