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fw: brush making workshop in wa

updated tue 23 jul 02


claybair on sun 21 jul 02

Hi All,

Karen Sullivan better known as Bamboo Karen is coming to Seattle in August.
She is offering a brush making workshop Friday August 9th.
The workshop be 1pm to 4 or 5 pm

$50.00/per person includes several pieces of bamboo...
copious quantities of materials.. you could walk out with several brushes...

It will be at my house on Bainbridge Island which is a 35 minute ferry ride
from Seattle.
Afterward we will have a potluck & BBQ, relax, laugh, tell stories, look at
photos/slide, anyone interested may participate in a pot exchange and party

Karen's links are:
brushes are at

Karen Sullivan's brush making and pottery background:

Karen has been making brushes along with time spent making pots.
Her interest in the brush is as a tool for decorating.
Her brushes are not good calligraphy tools...but the quality of the line one
with her brushes varies from a hair line thin stroke to a wide swath of 2
plus inches.
They are considered to be unusual.
The brush is used like a sumi, dragging the pigment.
Definitely not pushing pigment as one would with acrylic or oil paint.
The bristle does not have enough spring for the scumbling technique.
She thinks of all brushes as having a specific vocabulary, and
it is often a process of exploring tools to influence your
decorative mark. This brush will open other possibilities
of gesture in your painting.

For the past few years her brushes have been a part
of her inventory during ceramic sales events. She has a considerable
amongst local potters & often sell more brushes than pots to that group.
She also turns the activity into a performance, using water and
the floor for demonstrations.

15 years as a full time clay person.
3 years studying with Philip Cornelius.
2 years of grad school with Paul Soldner.
Teaching in various colleges in Southern California since 1991.

Her passion is charcoal firing, which is a Cornelius
technique....The process is at cone 10, throw into
the kiln chamber about 100 pounds of charcoal and
let the wisdom of the kiln provide the surface.
It looks like good woodfire....

If you are interested in joining us please contact me:

Gayle Bair
Bainbridge Island, WA
(206) 855-0595