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updated tue 23 jul 02


Jim Tabor on mon 22 jul 02

I don't think this is of interest to the general public, so please email
me directly:

This week I will be on a leisure road trip from Tulsa to Long Beach for
a visit with my daughter. If you are near the meandering way and want to
visit, send me a note by the evening of the 23rd and I will dot my map
to talk clayart. I am a teacher, so the gamut of ceramic experience
interests me. It would even be better if you allow documentation for
the classroom. Although it is a slight diversion, I plan to go to Dallas
(drop off some uranium I'm happy to give a good home to) and head west
from there.

I am happy to share my insights from 30+ years of dabbling in clay and
hope to find others willing to share their experiences. The virtual
galley at : shows some of
my work and more of the student's efforts for an idea of what is in my
current realm of endeavor. Most work is at cone 1 with decals at 08 to
06 and some porcelain at 9. I have built several gas kilns elsewhere,
but not yet here so everything is electric or raku. I was grounded in
^10 reduction and did about 15+ years at ^ 6 so we could probably have a
good dialog/argument for whatever interests you

If all is well and the summer workshop projects are picked up by Tuesday
afternoon, I will be in Dallas for a leisure Wednesday and hope to
visit some studios while I am there.

email me at: