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tile website: 'urban clay'

updated wed 24 jul 02


Stephani Stephenson on mon 22 jul 02

I want to let you know about a fascinating website
This is one of the websites of Dennis Caffrey. Dennis has long been
known for his excellent reproductions of
Portuguese and Mediterranean majolica tile and large scale murals in
this style. His traditional line of tile is combination of silkscreen
/stencil techniques and handpainting . He is a glaze master. His LA
studio rides the boundary between a 'large production studio' and a
small factory.

His new website is interesting in that it chronicles a number of the
collaborative projects he has completed in past years. Dennis has
worked with many artists, many of them not clay or tile artists. He has
worked with them, as they sought to turn their own visions to tile,
often for public art projects.
When you go to the website you will see various artist name 'buttons'
and 'thumbnails' on the right side of the screen.
Click on one . it will bring up a screen with a main image relating to
the particular artist or project.
Notice several more 'buttons' or 'thumbnails' along the top of the
screen, to see narrative photos of that particular project.
There really are a variety of artists and projects.

Also you can click on a button to see a description of the digital
photo process Dennis has been delving into for the past few years. For
some of you with questions on digital transfer/latest photo imaging
process onto clay...this would be of interest I think.

In his work , Dennis is pretty fierce about maintaining the highest
degree of quality and pursuing new directions in technology. In scale
and direction his is a different 'cup of tea' than the cup many studio
potters drink from, but it is just another example of how many flavors
there are!!!
I know he has worked diligently at putting together this very
informative and enjoyable site.
Go to:

Stephani Stephenson
Carlsbad CA