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gordon hutchens/crystalline too

updated fri 26 jul 02


Joyce Lee on thu 25 jul 02

Thank you, Brenda, for Hutchens' url.
I lucked into buying his video when I first began potting which, in =
turn, made him, along with Robin Hopper, the huge influences on my work =
attempts until I found Clayart... I've reviewed their tapes countless =
times. In fact, our last motorhome trip through British Columbia was =
cut short just as we were checking on the ferry for Denman's Island in =
hopes of seeing Hutchens' work and studio with my very own eyes. (Had to =
stop for a five-way bypass for #1 Support Person that time....) =20

You brave crystalline people might want to check out this site, also. =

In the Mojave where I'd ask Dannon which cobalt form (oxide or =
carbonate) does one use to get the blue copper red. ... except she's =
goin' split personality on me....=20
you gotta watch it when she does the Dan and Rudy bit ..... she may =
answer privately but I'm keepin' my words public..... safer that way.